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by Xsi on Monday January 21, 2008
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war2x.gifThe Warcraft II expansion pack “Beyond the Dark Portal” was released in 1996 only a few month after the original game. It was not developed by Blizzard itself but by the Cyberlore Studios which do not exist anymore.
The add-on contains some new multiplayer maps and two campaigns with five new heroes for the horde and five for the Alliance.
The gameplay is still the same as in original Warcraft II and the graphic is also the same.

1112287217-00.gifAfter the Archmage Khadgar destroyed the Dark Portal at the end of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness he forgot to seal the riff between the world of Azaroth and the world of Draenor. That made it possible to the Orcs to start a new invasion of Azaroth under the leadership of Ner’zhul, the Warchief of Draenor.
Khadgar was able to destroy the portal once again. This time on the side of Draenor. In the meantime Ner’zhul opened several portals throughout Draenor but the power of the spell he used created energies which began to destroy Draenor. The remained troops of the Alliance entered one of the Portals to escape. They did not know where it would lead them…

Awards and Recognitions:war2x-box.gif

  • 1997 Game add-on of the year – Computer Gaming World
  • 1996 Best Enhancement of an Existing game – Computer Gaming World


Cyberlore Studios

Ken Grey

Executive Producer
Lester Humphreys

Campaign Design
Jim DuBois, Jesse King, Joseph Minton

PUD Design
Rob Caswell, Jim DuBois, Jesse King, Joseph Minton

Additional Design
Rob Caswell, Peter Lawson

Art Direction
Peter Lawson, Seth Spaulding

2D Art
Rob Caswell, Keith Kellogg, Peter Lawson, Seth Spaulding

Jim DuBois, Jesse King, Rendall Koski, Peter Lawson, Dmitri Nishman

Future Tense

Macintosh Programming
Brian Fitzgerald, David Lawrence

Blizzard Entertainment

Executive Producer
Bill Roper

Design Consultant
Ronald Millar Sr.

Storyline Consultant
Chris Metzen, Bill Roper

2D Art Direction
Sam Didier

Additional 2D Artwork
Sam Didier, Roman Kenney

3D Art Direction
Duane Stinnett

Additional 3D Artwork
Trevor Jacobs, Matthew Samia, Justin Thavirat

Music and SFX
Glenn Stafford

Bill Roper

Character Voices
Dawn Caddel, Bill Roper, Glenn Stafford, Chris Metzen, Ronald Millar Sr., Kim Farrington, Rachel Marie Hawley

Manual Design & Layout
Robert Djordjevich, Jeffrey Vaughn

Manual Artwork
Sam Didier, Eric Flannum, Chris Metzen, Brian Sousa, Justin Thavirat

Manual Design and Layout
Robert Djordjevich, Jeffrey Vaughn

Director of Support Services
Shane Dabiri

Lead Tester
Walter Takata

QA Assault Team
David Hale, John Schwartz, Tymothi V. Loving, Chris Millar, Russell Miller, Adam Maxwell, James Phinney

Frank Pearce Jr.

Assistant to Mr. Pearce
Alan Dabiri

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