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by Xsi on Monday January 21, 2008
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Warcraft 1Next to pocker, World of Warcraft is the most played video game on the planet. It is wise then to catch up on the lore that surrounds this highly successful game. Let’s start by going over some of the many races that inhabit Azeroth. The Orcs were one of the different races living in the World “Draenor”. But one day they turned from peace loving creatures into bloodthirsty, wild and bellicose monsters, by the blood of the demonic Pit Lord “Mannoroth”. At the beginning of the Warcraft saga the Orcs have conquered whole of Draenor after the had beaten the Draenei. At the same time there was the human mage Medivh, living in a World called Azeroth. He was possessed by the spirit of the dead dark Titan Sargeras, which was once defeated by Medivh’s mother, the Guardian of Tirisfal Aegwyn. Sargeras was now up to get back his body and to take revenge on the humans. Medivh contacted the orcish warlock Gul’dan and opened the Dark Portal in the Black Morass which allowed the Orcs access to the World of Azeroth. The invasion of the Orcs started and this is the point where the story of begins.

The RTS-game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment was released in 1994.Warcraft 1 screenshot The player is able to choose between the two races Orcs and Humans. The units and structures on both sides have a different look but nearly equal abilities and functions. Archers for example use their bows to attack any enemy in range and their counterparts, the orcish Spearmen do the same with their spears. But the exception proves the rule thus every faction has got units which have no counterparts on the other side. Those are the Daemons which can be summoned by orcish Warlocks and the Water Elementals which can be summoned by human Conjurers.
What is so special about Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is that it was the first real-time strategy game, featuring a multiplayer mod. Two players could fight each other via modem, direct link or network.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • 1995 Premier finalist – Computer Gaming World
  • Editors’ Choice Award – PC Gamer
  • Strategy Game of the Year runner-up – PC Gamer
  • Critics’ Pick – Computer Life
  • 1995 Best Strategy finalist – Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
  • 1995 Innovations Award – Consumer Electronics Show, Winter 1995
  • Four out of five rating – Computer Gaming World
  • 92-percent rating – PC Gamer
  • Four out of five rating – Computer Life

System Requirements:

IBM/PC: 386/20MHz processor or better 4MB of RAM MS-DOS 5.0 or higher VGA Video Card Microsoft-compatible Mouse CD-ROM Drive Macintosh: 68030/68040 or PowerMac 8MB RAM System 7.1 or higher 256 Color 13″ Video Display 2X CD-ROM


Bob Fitch, Jesse McReynolds, Michael Morhaime, Patrick Wyatt

Graphics / Artwork

David Berggren, Sam Didier, Roman Kenney, Ronald Millar Sr., Micky Neilson, Stuart Rose, Brian Sousa

3D Modelling
Joeyray Hall, Ronald Millar Sr., Duane Stinnett

Gregory Alper, Rick Jackson, Chris Palmer, Glenn Stafford

Gregory Alper, Rick Jackson, Chris Palmer, Glenn Stafford

David Berggren, Nicholas S. Carpenter, Sam Didier, Roman Kenney, Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson, Bill Roper, Stuart Rose, Brian Sousa, Jeffrey Vaughn

Executive Producer

Allen Adham


Bill Roper, Patrick Wyatt

Acting / Voiceovers
Bill Roper

Manual Design & Layout
Bill Roper

Manual Illustrations
Stuart Rose, Sam Didier, Roman Kenney, Brian Sousa, Micky Neilson, David Berggren, Chris Metzen, Nicholas S. Carpenter

Public Relations

Susan Wooley-Sams , Linda Duttenhaver

Kathy Carter-Humphreys, Steve Huot, Burkley Hanes, Debbie Caton, Fernando Paez

Russell Nishida, Aprile Penhall, Helen Moriyama

Thanks to
Bob Davidson, Jan Davidson, John Patrick, John Goodman, Jeff Beaumont, Ralph Becker, Michael Albanese, John Sosoka, Pam Drake, Jenny Toney, Isaac Matarasso, Bobo the Wonder Orc, Suzanne States, Ronald Millar Sr., Private Pabst, Bunchy, Eskhandar, Salty Dog, Rider, The “Batman”, M.B., Shannon and her white chocolate grapes, Frank Pearce Jr., Pretty Princess Gwendolyn, Susan Bezzina, Darlene & her hair, The Memphis Blues, Jason Thor (“God of Thunder”), Damien Russell (“Dangerous”), Vic’s Car, Shane Dabiri, The Mang Mang, Christina Cade, The Poxy Boggards, Ray the Soda Man, Lala, Endicott, C.W., The Kitchen Sink, and you for reading this.

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