Warcraft 4 yeah

by Xsi on Monday March 3, 2008
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Is there any reason for creating a site for a game which is not even announced? Sure, there is!
A lot of people are wondering themselves if there will be a further sequel of the game which once was responsible for the beginning of Blizzard’s amazing success story.Warcraft 4
At regular intervals forum posts can be read, in which the question is asked if not somebody already knows something about Warcraft 4.

At this point the discussion starts: “ On which game is Blizzard working at the moment? Will the Warcraft series ever be continued? How could the story of Warcraft go on after you have already beaten nearly every enemy in World of Warcraft?”
We will present you any information around Warcraft 4 and we will add new information as soon as they are available.
This site shall also give you the option to publish your wishes or ideas about the story, the features, the content and everything else which is connected with Warcraft 4.
We are looking forward to your participation.
More content will be added over the next few weeks and a forum will follow as soon as it is demanded. In the meantime please use the comment form.

Feel free to post to our brand new Warcraft Message Board !

Warcraft-4.net is live!

by admin on Sunday January 13, 2008
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The worldwide first Warcraft 4 fansite. Join the WC 4 community and get information about Blizzard’s next RTS hit first.

So stay tuned!

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