More rumors about Warcraft 4 (3/4)

by Xsi on Monday July 21, 2008
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Within an Interview with the online gamemagazine, Blizzard’s vice president of game design Rob Pardo, implies that “a new Warcraft RTS will be “one of the ideas on the table after StarCraft 2 ships”.

The complete Statement, applying  to Warcraft 4:

“Yeah, of course there’s a chance,” he confirmed. “The way that we develop things, each time a development team becomes available, because they’re done with creating the games that they’ve been doing, they have a lot of say over what their next game is. So what it would take is for one of our teams to decide that they want to make Warcraft RTS and of course, there’ll be some talk about doing that and I’m sure after StarCraft 2 ships, it will be one the ideas on the table for that team to do, but that’s pretty far off in the future and it would really be determined by a combination of the dev team and the company leadership.”

“I think that one of the things that makes us ultimately successful as a company is that we’re more lead by our game-making decisions and not so much by business decisions, which is one of the reasons why this question used to be the StarCraft question. Back when we did StarCraft, we did Brood War, and everyone thought they were amazing games; they were successful and I used to get all these questions like, “Why are you doing another Warcraft RTS, shouldn’t you be doing StarCraft?” Well Warcraft was what the team wanted to make, they were burned out on the StarCraft universe, that was the game they wanted to make and as far as Warcraft goes, we love the universe – it’s an amazingly successful universe. If we want to go back and do it, maybe we will, maybe we won’t.”

Warcraft 4 rumors special (2/4)

by Xsi on Thursday March 20, 2008
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Warcraft_4_specialThe blog Tobolds doesn’t believe in another sequel of a Warcraft RTS Game. But not because of Starcraft 2 and the potential competition with Warcraft 4. The authors thinks, that Warcraft 4 wouldn’t have such a great commercial success compared to WoW and other MMORPG. In his opinion Warcraft 4 would just be a “reasonably well selling RTS in a huge crowd of other RTS games”.

My personal take on that is that I doubt that “Warcraft 4″ will ever be released. Not because of lore, because lore can always be fudged. But because of the far more mundane concept of “return on investment”. Which investment do you believe would give higher returns, “Warcraft 4″, “World of Starcraft”, or some WoW expansion? In my opinion the WoW expansion is a sure moneymaker, World of Starcraft would be a potential multi-million dollar earner, and Warcraft 4 would just be a reasonably well selling RTS in a huge crowd of other RTS games. Blizzard has simply grown too big and too successful to still waste their time on some RTS game.

Warcraft 4 rumors special (1/4)

by Xsi on Saturday March 15, 2008
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Warcraft_4_specialThis is the first part of our “Warcraft 4 rumors” series. In the next weeks we feature the hottest Warcraft 4 rumors available on the net.

In his detailed article Alex Taldren speculates about Blizzard’s future after World of Warcraft and the announcement of Starcraft 2. Futhermore he pictures interesting patterns in Blizzard’s development:

• It spends roughly 1-2 years between releasing games, expansion packs, and sequels
• It releases expansion packs to all of its games with the exception of only two
• It fully develops its story through sequels of the same genre type before switching genres
• Its franchises represent the “if it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it” motto
• It sticks to its PC gaming platform well while catering to Apple gamers

He thinks very pessimistically about another Warcraft sequel. From his point of view there isn’t a good chance for Warcraft 4, because of WoW and it’s characteristic as an MMO. He compares a MMO to “a series finale for a television show” and WoW is such a finale. Further he does a queer statement: “It would be hard to return to a franchise that currently has an ever-changing and continuing game.” But he seems not to think of, that a RTS game is completely different from a MMORPG.

This is definitely going to be a stretch, but what are the chances of Blizzard revisiting Warcraft with another RTS? Well, in reality, the chances are very, very poor. If they do revisit the Warcraft series it will probably be in the form of a World of Warcraft 2, but that won’t be until they draw out WoW with expansion packs.
I have one major and convincing reason as to why they won’t and can’t make another Warcraft RTS game, even if it is just for an extended period of time. The MMO is, without a doubt, an interesting genre to approach. One of the reasons for why World of Warcraft is so successful is because of the franchises development from Warcraft to Warcraft III. It is in my opinion that MMOs that are released as stand alone franchises that have no prior development are practically doomed from the start. While some MMOs get their development from movie franchises (Lord of the Rings Online and The Matrix Online), others get theirs from previous games (World of Warcraft), and the rest — the ones that do poorly overall — have no prior development. Regardless of this fact, however, the MMO genre should be classified as “the end genre.” Why? Well, think of it as a series finale for a television show. A series finale brings closure, but also brings an open-ended feeling. MMOs are usually defined as open-ended RPGs on a massive scale. The very nature of an MMO corresponds with that of a series finale. It would be hard to return to a franchise that currently has an ever-changing and continuing game.

source: Alex Taldren

Four Warcraft 4 trailer added

by Xsi on Sunday March 9, 2008
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warcraft_4_trailerNeedless to say, that there are no real Warcraft 4 trailer existing at the moment.
But nevertheless we’ve collected some fan made trailer and movies. Some are professional and pretty, some are funny and some are crappy.

However, take a look at our Warcraft 4 trailer section.
If you have another selfmade or found trailer, feel free to post to our Warcraft 4 trailer thread.

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