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Von Freynan am Tuesday 3 August, 2010
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There haven’t been much new information, hints or even rumours about a potential sequel to the  Warcraft-Franchise during the last two years, which means: It’s still uncertain if there ever will be a Warcraft 4.

But nevertheless, for certain reasons we still believe that Blizzard just will have to develop another Warcraft-Title for one of the world’s most popular real-time strategy series.

So we decided to say goodbye to our old, crappy and spambot affected board – which wasn’t really much fun being there – and put some work and money into brand-new community-forums, working with VBB 4, to crate a great place for passionate Warcraft fans to wait for Warcraft 4. Unfortunately postings made in the old forums could not be saved.

So check out the new Community Forums, with a lot of new features, to discuss Warcraft related topics or what ever you like to.

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